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featured image credits: Wete oneMaquetteAnthony James

Welcome to intro to graphic design, this the course website. You will be given all your projects and homework assignments through this website.

I do not use bridges, bridges is ugly and hard, you can thank me latter. I make websites, so I make websites for the courses I teach. Im a professional web/graphic designer & photographer, so I make my course website gratuitously good looking because I can (that’s right they don’t even pay me extra to do this). I also believe in leading by example, so this is an example. I will be adding things to the site as we go through the semester, there will be a section for tutorial videos you should watch, and handouts you should read, and a big obvious homework banner at the top.

To get things started your going to need an
assignment, here’s an assignment.

Finally here’s some quote from five design masters, via bechance by Wete One.






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