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Create 4 abstract designs using the graphic elements of Point, Line, & Plane. Each design will convey a different emotion of your choosing. Each design must be a 5” x 5” square. Your solutions may be black & white or color. They will be created using Adobe Illustrator..

Your designs must remain abstract, they should be free of any recognizable symbols, icons, or words. You must also use typography as a design element. You cannot use photography in this assignment.

Step 1

– Brainstorm ideas for a few different emotions. Pick the four that you think work best.

  • Do a series of 20 thumbnail sketches: five for each emotion. You should have the started by next class (10 points, glued to back of final project )
  • Choose the 4 that work best.
  • Explore fonts, there are allot of options out there ( however read this first).
  • Choose one font for each idea.
  • photograph 5 things you have an emotional response to.

Step 2

Digitize your ideas. Start by creating shapes from your sketches in Illustrator. You may want to scan your sketches for reference. Don’t be afraid to move beyond or expand your initial ideas or concepts once you start working on the computer.

Step 3

All four of your four final designs must be printed and mounted on a single black 11″ x 11″ square. Each piece should be half an inch apart with a .25 inch border all around. Your work needs to be printed and mounted before the beginning of class on day of the final critique.

( Your board should be laid out like this )

Final Due Date

Thursday Sept 21st