Using the images you have created throughout the semester as source material, you will design an accordion fold portfolio book. The page layouts will be created using Adobe Indesign. The layout of each page will be determined by a grid. The book will include each of the four parts of Project 1, the text illustration and photo from Project 2, and your robot. The book will also include a title and description for each project.


Step 1

Start by creating a mock up with bristol board, this is good practice for when you create your final. Next open Indesign and create a new document that is 5” x 5” and 1/8 inch bleed.

Step 2

Gather and organize your assets. You will need your .psd & .ai files for all of your previous projects. Think about the font (or fonts) you will use for page numbers and titles.

Step 3

Design your book with Indesign. Proof read it, collect your files for output, and do some test prints. Make low quality draft prints and try assembling your book to make sure it all works.

Step 4

Make your final prints and create your final mock ups. For this project you do not need to mount prints on black board.

Here’s a tutorial for reference.

img_1217-edit-copy img_1228-edit-copy  img_1248-edit-copy



Sara Goforth



Jiani Lu