TypePhoto Assignment + Lecture & Examples

 Your next assignment is to create a Typographic Illustration based on a photograph that you have taken, for complete assignment details go here. For additional info read pages 1-70 in Graphic Design the New Basics. Click here to view Lecture Slides in your browser.  

Color & Emotion: lecture slides + reading

featured images by: William Clark + Architecture bureau ( click image to view lecture slides ) Please download and read Understanding Comics chapter 5. Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud is a graphic novel about the art & design of making comic books. Chapter 5 has several excellent examples and goes into more depth on the … Continued

Welcome to Graphic Design

featured image credits: Wete one, Maquette, Anthony James Welcome to intro to graphic design, this the course website. All course materials will be disseminated  through this website. I will be adding things to the site as we go through the semester, there will be a section for tutorial videos you should watch, and handouts you should read, and … Continued

Resources for Ideas / Inspiration

If you’re looking for a quick shot of ideas & inspiration, a good place to start is my graphic design inspiration Pinboard. I also have a web design related Pinboard  which can also be utilized to kill time. I update both pretty regularly so keep checking back for new stuff.     awwwards.com is a great place … Continued

Text Books?

For this course we be making use of lynda.com & Graphic Design The New Basics, by Ellen Lupton. As students at RWU you all have unlimited access to the  Lynda.com online training library. Click here to log into the Lynda.com training library, you use your school email user name (the part before the @) and your chosen password. … Continued